About … Kno

Former programmer, now designer, idealist. Here’s my life in ultra-short form. It’s “Kno” because in school we were three Christians, and “Christian Knoflach” is far too many syllables anyways.

What I like to do

Optimize things, think on ideas & concepts, drink a glass of Scotch, fiddle around with small graphical details and big strategical ideas, read & write about stuff, code small tools, share, play with type, sleep in, blog about things no one else cares about.

The Shortest CV you’ve ever seen

  • Born 18th July 1984 (cancer, that is) as Christian Knoflach
  • bla bla bla yadda yadda, technical school (programming and alike)
  • Civil Service
  • Advertising Academy Vienna [WAK]
  • Small Advertising Agency in Krems
  • Graphics & Marketing for Superfund
  • User Experience Designer at ILLUSTREE
  • Self-Employed with Knoflach Graphic Design


Of course, feel free, here you go!

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